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Thermodynamics Physics Homework Help

Thermodynamics is the discipline of Physics concerned with energy conversion including heat and all available forms of energy by which we can study interrelations between various variables like temperature, volume and pressure. It is used to define the thermodynamic systems and their functionalities. It is a new branch of science invented in 19th century to achieve the maximum engine efficiency in earlier steam engines. Lord Kelvin was first person who defined and developed it as an individual stream of science in 1854.

Thermodynamics has its own principles, which are known as the Laws of Thermodynamics and uses pre-defined variable to solve the various problems related to energy and heat. Laws of thermodynamics are used to study and categorize of possible interactions between ensembles of object by assuming it as a whole entropy system. These laws are:

Zeroth law of thermodynamics: it is concerned with thermal equilibrium of the object.

First law of thermodynamics: it deals with conservation and transformation of energy (from one form to another form).

Second law of thermodynamics: It is used to know the direction of chemical reaction.

Third law of thermodynamics: The third and last law efforts to find absolute zero in order to get maximum efficiency.

Thermodynamics helps to find the properties and equations of state to determine entropy (whole object) equilibrium and spontaneous processes. Thermodynamics is an essential of modern science and engineering and assists them to find various topics of engines, phase transitions, chemical reactions, transport phenomena, black holes including main discipline of physics, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, cell biology, material science, chemistry, chemical engineering and economics. It can be categorized in Etymology, Classical thermodynamics, Statistical mechanics, Chemical thermodynamics and Treatment of equilibrium.

Thermodynamics is used as an application tool in engineering to find out the maximum efficiency. Its main sub-branches are Atmospheric thermodynamics, Biological thermodynamics, Black hole thermodynamics, Chemical thermodynamics, Classical thermodynamics, Equilibrium thermodynamics, Industrial ecology, Maximum entropy thermodynamics, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, Philosophy of thermal and statistical physics, Psychometrics, Quantum thermodynamics, Statistical thermodynamics and Thermo-economics, etc.

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