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Nuclear Physics Tutoring Help

Nuclear physics is a discipline of the physics concerned with building blocks and interactions of an atomic nucleus. It is a broad field of study of nuclear but it is also understand as a branch of physics related with nuclear weapons and nuclear power technology. It is an essential application of various streams including nuclear medicine, ion implantation in material engineering, magnetic resonance imaging, radiocarbon dating in archaeology and geology and particle physics.

Nuclear physics was separated from atomic physics in 1896 with the discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel. After discovery of electron by Thompson (who also gave the plum pudding model for an atomic structure), the scientists knew about the internal structure of an atom and they developed it as a different stream of physics related to nucleolus structure of the matter. It was enriched by the various prominent researchers and scientists like J.J. Thompson, Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, James Chadwick, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Yukawa, Proca and many other scientists. Its development can be understand in several steps like Rutherford's team discovers the nucleus, James Chadwick discovers the neutron, Proca's equations of the massive vector boson field, Yukawa's meson postulated to bind nuclei.

Nuclear physics covers various topics of physics such as Nuclear decay, Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission, Production of heavy elements including Effective field theory, Electroweak theory, Gauge theory, Grand unification theory, Lattice field theory, Lattice gauge theory, M-theory, Quantum chromodynamics, Quantum field theory, Standard Model, Superstring theory, Super symmetry, Antimatter, Brane, Elementary particle, Fundamental force (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, strong), Isomeric shift, Neutron-degenerate matter, Nuclear matter, Nuclear model, Nuclear reactor physics, QCD matter, Quantum gravity, Spin, Spontaneous symmetry breaking, String, Theory of everything, Vacuum energy, etc.

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