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Physics Electromagnetism Assignment Help

Electromagnetism is a discipline of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena. Electromagnetism does not exist as an independent but works in a two different aspects of single phenomena. It can be defined as the study of magnetic force generated by the electricity. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature along with gravitational force. It also binds the electrons and protons together to make a nuclear inside an atom. Electromagnetism deals with electric fields and magnetic fields and studies their interrelations. According to electromagnetism electric field and magnetic fields are convertible with each other and causes the electromagnetic induction effect which is the base of electrical generators, induction motors and transformers.

Electromagnetism is subdivided in several categories such as— Electric and magnetic fields in matter, Electrical engineering, Electrical phenomena, Electricity, Electrochemistry, Electrodynamics, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Magneto hydrodynamics, Magneto static, Potential, Superconductivity, Units of electrical capacitance, Units of electrical conductance, Units of electrical inductance, Units of electrical potential, Units of electrical resistance, Units of magnetic field, Units of magnetic flux and Units of magnetic induction. It also includes overall topics of physics related to electromagnetism like dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field, Analytical regularization, Atmospheric electricity, Cathode ray, Charge conservation, Classical electromagnetism, Classification of electromagnetic fields, Conserved current, Conventional electrical unit, Covariant formulation of classical electromagnetism, Current density, Dipole, Dissipation factor, Duality (electricity and magnetism), Electric charge, Electric current, Electric dipole moment, Electric field, Electric field integral equation, Electric power, Electrical resistance, Electromagnet, Electromagnetic cavity, Electromagnetic field and force, Electromagnetic suspension, Electromagnetic tensor, Electromagnetic wave equation, Electron beam ion trap, Electron beam processing, Electron optics, Electrophoresis, Electro-sphere, Extraordinary optical transmission, Fleming's right hand rule, Flux linkage, Fourier expansion electromagnetic field, Inhomogeneous electromagnetic wave equation, Lorenz gauge condition, Magnetic circuit, Magnetic domain, Magnetic field, Magnetosphere, Maxwell stress tensor, Maxwell's equations, Moving magnet and conductor problem, Natural electric field of the Earth, Nonelectrostatic electric fields, Photocurrent, Photoionisation cross section, Photonic metamaterials, Photovoltaic effect, Resonator, SI electromagnetism units, Speed of electricity, Surface Plasmon resonance, Transformation optics, Voltage, etc.

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