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Electrodynamics Physics Assignment Help

Electrodynamics (also known as classical electrodynamics) is a discipline of theoretical physics which is used to study the phenomena of electromagnetic forces between current and electric charges. It was developed by Feynman, Leighton and Sands, Jackson and Panofsky and Phillips as an extension of electromagnetism in order to solve the problems unanswered by electromagnetism and quantum electrodynamics. It was discovered during late 19th century.

Electrodynamics is concerned with electrical and electronics engineering and optics and is used to understand the occurred phenomena during various events. In electrodynamics, all phenomena are divided in three simple models to simplify the study. These are:

Electric charges and currents (like electric and magnetic dipoles, moving charges, electric currents, etc.)

Electromagnetic field (like voltages, monochromatic plane waves, optical rays, microwaves, visible light, infrared radiation, radio waves, etc.)

Transmission media (like antennas, electronic components, electromagnetic waveguides, mirrors with curved surfaces, flat mirrors, convex and concave lenses, inductors, resistors, capacitors, switches, integrated circuits, etc.)

Electrodynamics is relevant with other branches of physics and engineering such as electromagnetism, electrical engineering and electronic engineering but it has its own course curriculum which covers various topics of physics like Relativistic Particle in Electromagnetic Field, Gauge Invariance , Maxwell's Equations, Fields Produced by Moving Charges, Electromagnetic Waves, Causality Principle, Applicability of Classical Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic Radiation (including radio waves, microwaves, light (infrared, visible light and ultraviolet), x-rays and gamma rays), Electromagnetic interaction, Lienard-Wiechert Potentials, Dipole Radiation, Close to the oscillator, Far away from the oscillator, Jefimenko's Equations, scalar potential, vector potential, Electrostatics, Laws of Electrostatics, Charged Surfaces, Laplace and Poisson Equations, The Green Theorems, Method of Green Functions, Electrostatic Problems with Spherical Symmetry, Coulomb's law, Electric field, Lorentz force and so on.

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