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Physics is a natural science concerned with the study of matter and its motion in comparison of space and time as it is related to law of energy and force. It is one of the ancient academic streams as its beginning is assumed with astronomy. In ancient Greece physics was a part of natural sciences along with chemistry, biology and mathematics. As example in Greece, physics was used to develop lever system which was a mandatory element of that time mechanics and hydrostatics. During scientific revolution started by various prominent scientists like Isaac Newton, Edison and other in 16th century natural sciences was classified in various specialized disciplines as chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering etc.

Physics is used to study the universal and material phenomena and their various perspectives. It is used in engineering and other branches of sciences like chemistry, biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical sciences, pharmacy etc.

Mostly physics is studied and used as applied physics which differs it from engineering although physics is a must have element of engineering disciplines. Such as statics is a part of mechanics, optics is used in astronomy; acoustics is used in civil engineering and so on. Its major branches are Acoustics (related with sound, vibration), Atomic Physics (atoms, molecules), Biophysics, Classical mechanics, Econophysics, Electrodynamics, Electromagnetism, Geophysics, Mechanics, Molecular Physics, Neurophysics, Nuclear Physics (nuclear energy, radiation), Optics, Psychophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

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